hello and welcome to babytalkmart..

Started in 2015 when I found that the baby necessity in Singapore it's quite costly compared with my hometown back in Indonesia. Every time I went back to Indonesia, I always go to my brother-in-law’s shop whose happens to run a retail babyshop in Indonesia. I save a lot of money by buying some of a baby's needs from Indonesia. Which eventually I started to think why not I sell it in Singapore with a lower cost than the market cost, besides to earn some pocket money also hoping to help young parents in Singapore whose concern to buy a high-quality baby product with affordable cost.


We try to offer a high-quality product with affordable cost and of course its original product. We start with small variety product, carefully and slowly selecting a reliable supplier who can supply us a good quality and of course with affordable cost. Because we try to offer a product at a lower cost in mind, We might not sell those products which we can’t beat the market price one. Please feel free to advise us on what is the product you are looking, we might be able to find for you at a lower cost compared with the market price. We will always try to maintain our lower cost, hence some of the product might not be in stock to maintain our cash flow.


We also inviting working parents or full-time parents or whoever keen on looking for some extra cash, we are having a simple “reseller” program. Please kindly check the following for a detail.

Herry Lee

Co-founder of babytalkmart